Scared of Dentists?

At East Side Dental we really care about our patients’ comfort

How do we deal with dental anxiety?

One of the most challenging aspect of treatment for a dentist is when their patients are uncomfortable or scared of dentists. So, how does Dr. Ajay and deal with the anxiety?

“First of all”, says Dr. Ajay “I try to gauge the level of anxiety and instead of just focusing on the technical procedure, I talk to the patient and find out the cause of the anxiety and then I give them options on how to handle the particular issue…for example if the patient fears oral injections, then I explain the use of ‘The Wand’, a painless injection system”.

Nitrous oxide, sometimes called “laughing gas,” is one option your dentist may offer to help make you more comfortable during certain procedures.

Scared of Dentists?
dental anxiety
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dental anxiety

Patients who avoid dentist

Many patients are fearful of dental treatment and a few try to avoid dentists altogether. A mere appointment triggers an “anticipatory anxiety.”  There are a few who fear needles and drilling, unaware of the advancement in dentistry.  Such patients are more likely to cancel their treatments at the last minute.  This postponement of treatment leads to poor oral health.

While some patients avoid dentist due to fear, others avoid because they are embarrassed of their poor oral health.  Dr. Ajay and Dr. Jenny are very supportive to all their patients and puts them at ease by:

  • Offering a step-by step explanation of each procedure
  • Explaining what the patient will feel
  • Frequently asking the patient for permission to continue, usually with hand signals

Apart from that our doctors friendly and calm demeanor puts the most anxious patients at ease. Plus, the support staff make sure that your visit is a pleasant one by assisting and reassuring you during your treatment.

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