Dentures are removable appliances that can replace missing teeth and surrounding tissues. Several types of dentures are available – complete, partials and fixed dentures.

Types Of Dentures

Implant supported denture

As the name suggests, an implant supports the denture. This is a good option when a person doesn’t have any teeth, but has enough bone in the jaw to support implants.

The time frame to complete the implant is usually about six months or longer. This procedure involves two surgeries and the placement of the denture. The first surgery to place the implants in the jawbone and second surgery opens the tops of the implants. This type of denture gives more stability than a regular denture.

The painless injection

Nitrous oxide

Inhalation sedation

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Partial Dentures

They usually consist of replacement teeth and are generally removable. The base is usually a pink or gum-colored plastic. Some patients will choose to resolve their minor tooth loss issues with the use of crowns and bridges. A partial denture is a suitable option for those patients who lack the necessary support in their surrounding teeth for the crown and bridge treatment. Partial denture is less expensive in comparison to other, more costly options like implants.


Complete Dentures

Where oral condition warrants the extraction of any remaining teeth, the process of receiving replacement full dentures will generally involve several stages.

Initially, the dentist takes an impression of the jaws after assessing the oral situation of the patient. Dentist then records the alignment of the upper and lower jaw. Once a model has been crafted, the final denture will be fit to ensure its correct function, aesthetic appeal and level of comfort.

Made from bio compatible materials, they look and feel natural within the mouth. They function as replacements for original teeth. The dentist ensures the correct colour match against existing teeth. Thus, the end result is not only strong, stable but also functional new mouth.

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