Dental Check Up

Australian Dental Association recommends two dental visits a year for most patients.

Typical Dental Check Up

The dentist cleans and polishes your teeth, talks to you about oral health and answers your questions. 

The dentist then conducts an oral exam of your gums and teeth, diagnoses any oral health problems, orders x-rays (if necessary) and recommends treatment. Early detection and treatment of dental diseases can mostly prevent extensive and expensive treatments and loss of tooth.

At East Side Dental, we provide a complete dental check up. We advise you on any problems such as tooth decay, enamel wear, gum disease, etc.

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Dental Check Up
Dental Check Up
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What does a dental check up entail?

If it’s your first consultation, we would like to know about your general health, dietary habits and tooth cleaning schedule. It’s important to understand or be aware of your medical background as it may have an impact on the treatment. Remember, we keep your medical information confidential. Let us know your apprehensions, if any, so that we can take it into consideration during treatment.

01. General health

It is important for the dentist to know about your general health and condition.

02. dietary habits

Let your dentist know about your dietary habits. 

03. tooth cleaning schedule

It is important for your dentist to know your oral hygiene habits

Dental Check up

The dentist will first check for cavities or other diseases of your teeth. He will also for accumulation of plaque calculus (tartar) on your teeth. Your gums and supporting structures of the teeth will be examined at for signs of gum disease, which include red or puffy gum tissue. Lastly, the dentist screens for any signs that might indicate oral cancer.

Scale & polish: Plaque and Calculus (tartar) build-up is removed, and cleaning is carried out above and below the gum line. Once the scaling is complete, we polish the teeth to remove any stains, leaving them smooth and shiny.

dental check up

When do you need an X-ray?

We use digital Xrays which reduces the amount of radiation compared to the conventional film/developer based Xrays. The dentist determines if you require an X-ray. This depends on your oral health, dental history and if there are any signs of cavities. An X-ray can give the dentist a clear picture of any decay present in the areas which cannot be seen with the eye. It also helps in identifying any impacted teeth or any infection on the roots of your teeth.

For more complex cases, the dentist may plan a treatment extending several visits. Throughout the treatment, our dentists are more than happy to talk about the procedure and progress. The dentist may also discuss brushing techniques, flossing, your diet and nutrition.

When do I visit the dentist next?

The dentist will schedule your next visit depending on the progress of your treatment. If it’s only scaling and polishing, your next dental check-up is usually after six months.


When do you need an X-ray?

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