Infant Oral Care

Infant oral care starts right even before the baby’s teeth erupt. 

Process of teething

Here are some tips on Infant Oral Care :

Have a little one at home? Is baby biting and chewing on everything she/he can get its hands on? Is your little darling drooling, irritable and generally off food. Hmmm could be baby is now starting the process of teething. The little pearls are all set to erupt but causes a lot of discomfort to the infant.

Home remedies to soothe and relax baby during teething

It is good idea to help your baby by gently compressing a piece of clean fabric dipped in cold water or cold chamomile tea. Chamomile tea has the added bonus of helping to soothe and relax baby. Give baby cold slices of banana, mango, cucumber, watermelon, etc; to munch on.

Give the baby a teething necklace made of silicone and great for baby to use while sitting in mom’s lap or in a baby carrier. Baby can fiddle with it while she is nursed, which is a relief for both Mom and baby.

Infant Oral Care
Infant Oral Care
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Infant Oral Care – Caring for infant’s teeth

Infants do not need brushing or flossing but healthy teeth = a healthy smile. Certain factors can contribute to the baby’s appearance and health even before the first tooth appear. It is advisable for nursing mothers to avoid tetracycline, a common antibiotic, since it can cause tooth discoloration. Fluoride is beneficial because it strengthens the tooth enamel as the teeth are forming.

Beware of baby bottle decay, caused by frequent exposure, over time, to liquids containing sugars.

Caring for infant’s teeth

Preventive Dentistry​

Baby bottle tooth decay i

What is Baby bottle tooth decay?

Baby bottle tooth decay is also known as Early Childhood Caries or Bottle Rot, where most of the teeth within a child’s or young adult’s mouth have decayed.

How do children get Baby bottle tooth decay?

Many children acquire it from the excessive consumption of sugary liquids like juice, formula and soda, the disease can also spread through oral contact with the contagious bacteria known as S. mutans.

How to avoid Baby bottle tooth decay?

One way to avoid this is to prevent your child from falling asleep with a bottle in the mouth for more than a few minutes. Furthermore, use bottles to store dairy liquids not soda and juices.

Try to include vegetables and whole grains. If the child does eat sugary foods make sure to give water after eating and don’t forget brushing and flossing.

Tips to avoid baby bottle tooth decay

Babies are prone to cavities as much as adults. Care needs to be taken to ensure the child has healthy teeth and gums. Some ways to prevent baby bottle tooth decay are:

  • Avoid the sugar dip
  • Don’t share the spoon
  • Keep a washcloth nearby
  • Brush away
  • Fill the bottle wisely
  • Obey naptime rules

Sticking to these infant oral care rules will help your baby have a healthy body and smile. Tooth decay in toddlers is a common health concern and needs efficient and timely treatment by the dentist. Regular visit to your dentist will prevent tooth decay and help your child have healthy gums and teeth.

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