dental-implantsDENTAL IMPLANTS

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What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants provide a permanent tooth replacement treatment with long term, durable results that restore full functionality in a natural looking, aesthetically pleasing way. A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is surgically positioned into the jawbone to hold a replacement tooth or bridge by a dentist specializing in implants, known as periodontist. Tooth implant doesn't come loose like a denture and are made to match your natural teeth. It is an ideal option for people who have lost a tooth or have missing teeth when you use an experienced implant dentist.

Why have dental implants?

The advantages are numerous when compared to conventional crowns, bridges and removable dentures:

  • Dental implant looks and feels like natural teeth.
  • Dental implants function in the same way as natural teeth.
  • The patient has no difficulties with eating or cleaning the teeth.
  • Healthy adjacent teeth do not have to be used as supports for the missing tooth or teeth.
  • Implant maintains the structure of the bone beneath the replaced tooth and helps to stimulate the natural process of bone renewal.

Tooth Implant process and procedure

Dental Implants are usually made of titanium which is very strong and readily accepted by human tissues. The implant is inserted into the jaw and then left for around 3-4 months for the bone to integrate with the tooth implant, creating a strong anchor for the replacement tooth. After the bone has integrated with the dental implant, the treatment is completed with a finely sculpted tooth replacement tooth known as a crown that is screwed or cemented onto the implant by your dentist or prosthodontist. The result is a very strong, durable and natural looking replacement tooth that functions and appears just like a real tooth.

Types of dental implants

There are 2 types of dental implants. Endosteal implants and Subperiosteal implants.

Dental implant surgery success factors

Common factors that help in the success of implant dentistry include:

  1. Adequate bone support—Bone density is one of the most important factors for dental reconstruction success.
  2. Healthy Gums – It’s important to have healthy gums since dental implants are fitted onto the jawbone just below the gum tissue.
  3. Good overall health— It is important that you are in good health as implant dentistry requires a surgical procedure and good health helps in the healing process of the implant.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Dental Implants

  1. What Are Permanent Dentures?

This term is generally not used by dentists. It probably used to describe dental implants.

  1. What is dental implant abutment?

Dental implant abutment is a connector, built on the top of the dental implant, to connect the implant to the replacement tooth or teeth (usually a ceramic crown).

  1. How much does a dental or a tooth implant cost?

The cost of implant treatment depends on various factors including:

Bone density

The number of teeth that need to be replaced

Type of artificial teeth

Visit our clinic for an estimate as it is difficult to give a dental implant average cost.

  1. What are the best dental implants made of?

Best dental implants are made of Titanium.

  1. Are there low cost or cheap dental implants?

At present there are no inexpensive dental implants due to the length of the treatment as well as the material used for replacement of missing teeth.

  1. Can I replace teeth with implants?

It’s question only your dentist can answer after a detailed dental diagnosis as there are several factors including the condition of the jaws and bone density.

  1. What is the difference between single tooth implant and complete dental implants?

Single tooth implant as the name implies is replacement of a single tooth. There is no complete dental implants, it probably refers to multiple teeth implants using a dental bridge.

  1. Where can I get discount dental implants?

Please refer to answer 5. You an opt for one of our easy payment options.

  1. What is new teeth plantation?

This probably refers to dental implants.

  1. What are artificial dental implants?

Although completed implants look natural and are fused the bone, they are made of artificial material.